Monday, April 19, 2010

Hampton Home & Garden Show 2010 - + Erin Flett

It's been a while since I last posted and wanted to give a update! Besides being sick at the moment--too many late night work sessions--I am feeling very energized and excited about the up and coming Home and Garden Show in being held at the Tanger Outlet Center in Riverhead on April 23-25th. Here is a link of the Garden Collection that will be featured from Restoration Hardware - Design Gallery Garden. My pillows will be honored to sit among this amazing line of furniture! "A modern interpretation of the 5th century BC Greek Kilsmos design, revived in France in the 1700's."

How did this happen? Well, I contacted  Hamptons Online - Guide to the Hamptons and East End of Long Island a few months ago in my quest looking for cool home shops in the hamptons--and came across this amazing resource for everything hamptons--at where else but! I sent them a few pics and a description of the line and mentioned how I felt that the demographic of the Hampton's area would be perfect for my line. Vanessa Leggard, Director of Sales and Marketing contacted me a few weeks later asking if I were interested in having my pillows be part of the lounge that they were pulling together for the show..."looking for some bold color to compliment the natural palate." Of course I said YES and now just getting ready for the show.

Jana Pike, from Creative Home Sewing Shop, (right down the road from me) is busy stitching up this new order and many other orders---simultaneously! She is amazing and I really have appreciated her expertise in stitching, upholstery among life experiences she has had being in business herself. I think surrounding yourself as you grow with people that are truly gifted and enjoy life as well are critical components to building a strong business. I have always thought to myself--(and oh so true this has been these past few weeks) that you are only as strong as your weakest link--everyone needs to be on board and want the same thing. But I am thankful I have many people working with me in a very organic way that help me grow. 

Life is such a challenge sometimes with doing your own gig, working on so many fronts and being a mother and wife--always a juggle but all I can say is that at the end of day as long as you can hold your babies, sit and play and really connect over school or what ever is going on--making sure you are in that moment and your mind is not on all the things you have yet to do or get done.."sit Mommie" is what Ary says..."just sit" and what do you think I do? Yes, I sit! (she's two).  I just play--and I have to remember this is what life is truly about. Design success and recognition will come with hard work but being a mom at this very moment is so much more important...but is this hard when I have client's needing things right now, or if I have to make a call before someone closes for the day---yes! yes! yes!...but like I said before it's a juggle...but a worth while one! When my girls are older and have dreams of their own--I can remind them of choices I had made to make things work--and maybe they will see how to make something they want come to matter what it is...and hopefully have babies of their own and be able to work it out and do both..well. And of course I will remind them that they need to also marry someone as patient and supportive as Maslen! (Maybe not so easy as dreaming up a brand new idea...:)

I am thankful people seem to appreciate the hand crafted pillow line and I am excited about the new FALL/WINTER line that is soon coming out. And even more excited to know that interior designers like Elizabeth Hague, Elizabeth Hague, Inc. :: Interior Design, Washington, DC. are asking about custom work! Mas and I are working out details as far as building a long table for screening yardage and my friend Paul Mitchell at State of Mind here in Portland is helping me get set up along with my new friend Eliza Curtis from Etsy!  curtie01 on Etsy  She is amazing and I just adore her! And I love that she is so close! So all in all things are coming together and dreaming up all sorts of things that I can make with yardage---

And as far as junking lately..found some cool larger pieces to eventually do over--I will upload some pics of some cool old furniture I will reupholster with the help of Jana. Found some cool chairs at the goodwill among a cute little sofa at the shop here in Gorham: Tinsel Bright.  Tinsel Bright Trading Co. - Home They have the coolest random stuff along with a great line of kiddos stuff that my girls freak over! Ask for Margot, she is the visionary behind the shop and a very sweet soul. 

Gotta run--the girls are in the living room in a huge box Mas brought up from the basement--playing house--so funny. B put little colored pictures she drew taped to the inside sides explaining how she wanted pictures to hand to decorate the new little fun house! (She's 5). ...very sweet.