Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breshia's Room + Recent Happenings

January was a blur and now settling into a new schedule and routine--visions of yardage silk screening, more pillow silk screening printing, poster printing...getting new wholesale accounts--updating website--dreaming up new patterns and working on some outdoor fabric prints for a Chinese Manufacturer--QSTYLE. The line will be small at first and hopefully expand. The prints will be focused on the US Market--getting a fresh new line of prints out there for outdoor fabrics. I am also creating different colorways for existing prints they have currently...putting a fresh spin on them. They seemed to love my colorways in my prints and really have let me pull comps together with a very modern, but vintage inspired colorways that scream american and outdoor worlds. 

I am also been asked to license some new prints for SAVANNAH TAILS a brand new lux brand of dog collars + leashes and eventually accessories. I love the concept of this new line that will feature a few designers/artists like myself that will launch a few lines along with the other prints that they have chosen to work with for SPRING/SUMMER 2011. 

I have also been working on some new brand identities--a new architecture firm here in Portland and a beautiful brand for a existing shop, THE MUSTARD HOUSE that will have a fresh new look and feel---working on the website now. I will show and tell soon. Below are the first round of web home page comps that have not been approved. Pam is still pondering what look and feel she wants to go for. I personally love all of them but especially love the last one with the more layered look. The card will be a sweet dye cut that will also be a hang tag. What I love about Pam Haines is that her style is multi-faceted collaging the old with the new creating a shopping experience unlike anything I have seen. 

And because I love taking all my vintage finds, grandma gifts and all things sweet. I wanted to share Breshia's room. My lovely 6 year old that has a totally different room then Ary's obviously--her colors are soft and quiet, sweet with a touch of whimsy. Her room has evolved a lot since her toddler days but now as a big 6 year old we have collected a cottage vintage bed that was painted this amazing blue--with hand painted florals...I fell in love with this bed at a junk shop in Limington before B was even born. I brought it home and Maslen was totally in shock since it's obviously a bed for a little girl and NOT a baby ha ha. But somehow I convinced him it was one of a kind and we had to have it--(a speech I give often and I typically win out--and have the Mr. Flett load it in the truck!). 

So the bed came first and the rest followed. The old green wainscoting cupboard was a very dirty white or cream---it came from my moms finds collected for her antique shop that she was ready to part with. So I painted it apple green and pink inside just for fun--she loved it and I had a blast painting it. 

I added the white little dresser recently with a vintage mirror that I painted white along with the antique plates my grandmother gave me that she said her mother gave her. I am so so in love with them. They are very sweet and have the loveliest colors. They don't fit anywhere in my house since they are so so sweet but they seemed to scream Breshia so I hung the set on her wall. 

I found the other things--old ladder chair, floral oil painting and the cool vintage hair salon box all at random garage sales and junk shops. Her bedding is Liz Claiborne and I really  love the shabby chic linens that have extra deep pockets for her fat bed that have amazing details like the 6" ruffle edges.  The new framed prints of the kiddo pillows are hung over her bed as she requested and the pink DAISY THORN pillow to top it off for all her evening book reading. (Notice Ary picked the same print but in Orange--) I love her's soothing and sweet but I am sure once she is a bit older she will find treasures of her own. For now I love her art work hung on the walls--(king and queen illustration of mas and i--gotta love that and of course I hung I LOVE MOM on the wall as well. I don't think this will last but it's amazing and great for now that she thinks we are the king and queen. Ary the other day asked if Daddy was my prince---and of course I said yes. Isn't this why we put things together--for the stories and soul it gives a room?