Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Erin Flett Pillow Photo Shoot!

Holly Becker recently did a write up in REAL SIMPLE as well as her own blogger site decor8 » Blog Archive » Erin Flett Textiles on my new pillows! So fun and exciting! She has amazing style and a great eye and I am so so impressed with her blog! THANK YOU HOLLY!!!! Please check out the link above and see all the amazing photos and posts!

Above are recent shots Cliff Kucine and I shot Tuesday. It was so exhausting...but fun! We were cleaning up the shoot and the girls came in and Ary my two year picked the 10" little BUNNY BOO pillow and said..."mine Bunnie" I loved it! She carried it around the house and played with her babies (propping her babies head up on the pillow as she fed her with a toy bottle and said.."nite nite"...seriously need to shoot her with them....I fell in love with her all over again as she played. So so cute! Even gave one to the dog "Canyan" and said "lay down"...that was not so good...but Breshia my five year old was also excited to see them off the computer and "real"..."Mommie, just want them all for my bed K?" No problem I said. The only feedback was, "I think we need a kitty and maybe a dog too?" Okay I am on it I told we'll see.

Thanks for looking. And a huge thank you to Paul at State of Mind Printing who puts up with me and my neurotic arty self! (I think that is too dark, too light, ink too heavy, okay move over I want to do it:) I will be doing a web site for him in exchange for his amazing services. I will post when done and approved! And also a thank you to Jana Pike, Creative Home Sewing Shop here in Gorham for helping perfect these babies. I never thought pillows would be so technical and challenging! But I am so anal I am sure I am slowly driving her insane!!! 

Talk soon,

Thursday, January 7, 2010


How cool was this. A little surprise was waiting for me from John Milburn...he just sent me the very first sample of the AU+erin flett bag is a seriously off the cuff sample shot right on the sticher's table! So excited..not sure how many shapes get this ISLAND EDGE PRINT in DUNEGRASS or the WORN CURRENT PRINT but I will keep you posted! 

Please check out the AU current line. They are always fun and fresh and looking forward to this years bags with these two prints! Hopefully more to come FALL 2010!

Travel Bags, Totes, Weekenders, Dopps, Attache's

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts and New Work

Excited that finally the holidays are behind us and feel a surge of energy to keep moving on printing the last few pillows before my big photo shoot. Just printed Stacked Deco in Rainy Day Gray and Mango Orange. Check them out...`

A great detail shot of the bark cloth fabric above. LOVE this up ink like crazy and hard to print really...but worth the process. I have been working on getting the ink as water downed as possible without turning to soup so the graphics are soft when dry not plastic or hard...

Here is an image of one of 10 mid century chairs I found on craigslist a few weeks back with the two new pillows. A super amazing find. They came out of the oldest hotel in Willards Beach here in Maine. I was told that it was once the place to be and visit back in the 40's and 50's. The chairs were used outside I guess. I wish I had the tables too! I purchased an olive, tan, this aqua and 6 orange...which now live around my farm table that I have since painted a pea green.

I also printed Mr. Nut large and small and think they turned out so fun! In coffee and pea soup. They should be ready to shoot next week to post! VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! I will be printing Bunny Boo among some others so stay tooned!

Kiddos are wanting to go paint so off I go. Love snowy lazy days...actually slept in...imagine that! The soft snow falling was amazing to watch as I woke up as my two little ones were snuggled up with me...(they both snuck in late last night).