Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Work //Erin Flett for Alfresco Fabrics

Today has been a great day. 

Finishing up major PORTLAND, MAINE website and ID and Visitors Guide Magazine---yes I am so so relieved and very happy with the final printed mag. It's been so much work obviously but very excited about the completed process. I hope to give better images of the final pieces but here is a shot below of me and the GIANT LOGO/TAG. It was such a surprise to come in for a meeting and see this hanging--the largest logo I have designed blown up I think--nuts. 

Then I came home and found a small snippet of fabric samples from Todd at ALFRESCO. They asked me weave 10 of my prints for their outdoor/indoor line. Everything is woven in the US and the quality is amazing...I am so so excited--heading off to NC next week to review all patterns and colors. I have never had the opportunity to have my prints WOVEN..which is so different then silk screening it has been so fun doing the final repeats and sending them off to the mill in NC--

Okay, then to top it off I have been working with Hilary owner of  BLANCHE and MIMI (killer home decorating shop in Portland, Maine) on a fresh new brand identity. She LOVED her original design but wanted to freshen it up a bit and do something different that better represented her new direction that she is heading into as far as look and feel of her store. (Her shop is named after her grandmothers). The process took a bit to flush out---but I love her so much it hurts. She has an amazing eye and just about drove me crazy but in a good design way. Good clients push you to do your best work--they just do and I feel this is such a awesome collaboration. (and of course even better when the person is a dear friend). 

So that is it. One perfect design day. See attached fun images of my quick little snap shots straight from the box--

Lots of work to show very soon--I feel like I have completed more logos, business cards, websites and collateral in the past few months then maybe ever in all my years as a freelancer. I am ready to settle down a bit and get ready for my new website that will launch as soon as I finish it--ha ha. So hard to focus on your own stuff sometimes but I am really happy the way it has come together---and I really don't think I will ever get tired of working with amazing kick ass people doing graphic design work--I can't seem to get enough of it!

best, e