Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happenings October

Well it's October and life here is a bit nuts as usual. School is in full swing and the leaves are falling. Gearing up for Halloween and basically working my tail off keeping up with orders and freelance. Maslen has been a rock star helping me keep it all together..yesterday, (even though he was sick and should be resting) did up a ton of prints for me and organized my orders to ship out). Amazing happy smile came over my face when I went down stairs to see all the orders neatly in boxes! 

I have been super focused and a bit out of my mind since I organized all my new pillow designs. The round pillows are done as far as production issues and ready for the masses. I am in love with them--(I have said this before--but seriously love them). Basically I am that stage where I print everything out on my printer and just stare and look and figure out if the new pillows go with the existing story and take my work into a new direction all at the same time. The first line was a random collection of designs which I loved, and this time, I hope to be a little less frantic and actually plan them to coordinate better. The first line was about getting them out--this time I think it is about coming up with things that speak to me today--which of course will change tomorrow, thus hard to choose but honestly if I open it up and print it and I get excited, I know it is going to be a good one. The others I just save, and rework and redo until I feel done. 

I did up logo for a dear friend for her new shop--a funky cool eclectic shop...and found my ASHLEY PINE pillow in STITCH today while searching for cording at Joannes Fabrics. I sent a few pillows to Colorado a while back and excited to see the pillow in the mag! Very nice and a huge thank you to STITCH for including me.

I also did up a ETSY banner/Logo/Seal for a local soap maker that is making her way to ETSY! So below you will find her shop banner..(I love doing these). I will post more about her once she is up and running. She showed me the seal that she uses directly on the soaps and it looked amazing. So much more on this amazing lady and her soaps that make my studio and my hand bag smell lovely! 

The next post hopefully will be finally taking all the pics of Ary's little T PARTY and creating a little sample of her amazing day! Everything was perfect and she had a blast and YES tea was poured and smiles were all around. Love throwing parties---I was a little crazed getting ready--I have had a ton of projects / design work with clients and etsy sales etc. that I did not do much planning--just collecting of stuff and a whirlwind cleaning house decorating madness the day and night before. (famous for last minute madness). I wish life was not like that here but seems like I react to what is ahead, day by day. If I operated on any other frequency I am sure with so much going on I would go totally insane. Denial is a good thing:)BUT I am going to try to be better at making a lists and sticking to a weekly plan of attack. The little voice in my head is saying "write it and post it on your wall so you don't forget what is important.". I am on it.

Also a very amazing designer, Laurie Wisbrun, another surface, textile designer contacted me to be in her next how to book:
The Complete Guide to Designing and Printing Fabric is a practical and comprehensive handbook that walks readers through the entire fabric design and printing process. (Sounds like I needed this book a year or two ago while Mas and I were researching silk screening--) we could of really used a practical HOW TO book for sure! She asked for a few images so hopefully they will make it in somewhere. Thanks Laurie for FINDING me! I was honored to be contacted and have been a huge fan of her work. Please check her out! Amazing stuff.

I hope to post what the final picks are for the new pillows--Mas was smart and just gave me a little advice since it has been so so long since I printed a new design. He said, "just do a few, you don't have to totally do a whole new line--just add a few that are really great.." So there. I guess I hope to just do that. 

Nite  nite...e