Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts and New Work

Excited that finally the holidays are behind us and feel a surge of energy to keep moving on printing the last few pillows before my big photo shoot. Just printed Stacked Deco in Rainy Day Gray and Mango Orange. Check them out...`

A great detail shot of the bark cloth fabric above. LOVE this up ink like crazy and hard to print really...but worth the process. I have been working on getting the ink as water downed as possible without turning to soup so the graphics are soft when dry not plastic or hard...

Here is an image of one of 10 mid century chairs I found on craigslist a few weeks back with the two new pillows. A super amazing find. They came out of the oldest hotel in Willards Beach here in Maine. I was told that it was once the place to be and visit back in the 40's and 50's. The chairs were used outside I guess. I wish I had the tables too! I purchased an olive, tan, this aqua and 6 orange...which now live around my farm table that I have since painted a pea green.

I also printed Mr. Nut large and small and think they turned out so fun! In coffee and pea soup. They should be ready to shoot next week to post! VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! I will be printing Bunny Boo among some others so stay tooned!

Kiddos are wanting to go paint so off I go. Love snowy lazy days...actually slept in...imagine that! The soft snow falling was amazing to watch as I woke up as my two little ones were snuggled up with me...(they both snuck in late last night).



  1. love the orange such a warm bright color and the up close shot gives a real sense of the pillows texture. Looking forward to your bags!

  2. Hello! Yes me too! Hopefully in stores soon!

    The bark cloth is delicious! I am obsessed with all types of bark cloth! It sucks the ink up but it's worth it for the richness!

    Off to check out your blog:)