Sunday, August 22, 2010

A week of running around and printing!

A recent stop in Kennebunkport in Daytrip Society: was fun on Tuesday. I took a few shots of the pillows in action. Karen Sigler, the store manager and visual designer showed me her amazing display of the pillows mixed with vintage books and paper! I was so excited I about melted. The vintage Peter Rabbit book next to Bunny Boo. Very sweet. I love how she mixed the colors and textures together. This has given me so many great ideas on how to display my pillows with other elements to tell a better story. Just a few sweet shots of the shop. Please do go in when you are in town. It's a gold mine for great great finds from artists like me just getting going and then you will find others that are well known mixed in. Such a great place for gifts and of course for things like doormats (As seen on Daily Candy! These are the coolest doormats ever. Not only are they indestructible and cute - they help save whales and provide financial assistance to our friends, the Maine lobstermen! The Float-rope is a rope used by lobstermen to tether multiple traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with float-rope is that it can entangle whales, which may lead to their injury or death. Now, Maine lobstermen are required to replace float-rope with a new silk rope. Instead of throwing all the old rope in landfills - The Maine Float-Rope Co. makes amazing mats out of them. I bought this one---black and teal or the color I call porter pottie green! Very very cool.

Maslen my partner in crime have taken the printing in house--literally these days. It has been really fun and Breshia and Aryana really get into it--minus the drama of putting fingers in the ink and the few pushing arguments trying to get a better view (B is 6 and Ary is 2) it's been such an amazing experience producing them here. Paul at state of mind has been amazing and is still a silk screening God, seriously has printing on the bark cloth down to a science--but schedules and time are not on my side these days. So so busy and I wanted to print when I had time---and be there to help. So Maslen my muscle and me the neurotic ink mixer (I mix for hours literally finding the right color). Been using my pantone process guide to help which has been super amazing and so so needed since my colors tend to not be easy--ha ha. So walla. Here we are in our kitchen doing it up. I had to take a few shots in the middle of our "printing fest". Maslen like most husbands of crafters and artists get sucked in to doing manual labor (Or maybe just sucked in with me because I could literally destroy the house in a matter of seconds with out adult supervision) :)

I also wanted to show you Paul's site that I designed for him: turned out nice I think and the color palette is my favorite part. He is a busy man and with his crew and his beautiful mom by his side, he is machine and doing really sophisticated high quality printing. 
I am so in love with doing websites these days and also been working on some great wedding packages--all letterpressed by Mark at Dunstan Press! He is a dear friend and I just love what he does with metal and ink! I will post pics soon. Until then have a great week! e


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