Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 15" Pillows!

Happy New Year! So excited about this year..going to be amazing. Kiddos are doing well and thriving and I am well, getting a good list of things going that I want to do better around here. I was really busy last few months and worked way too much and well, I became very sick. Coughing and a cold should not last for two months but seriously what was going on...not enough sleep and too many creative projects all at once..(I never thought I could run out of steam) but my body could not keep up. So I promised myself I will slow down a bit, go to yoga and do my gym time more consistently and yes the list goes this year is about balance, kids having enough socks and underwear clean and me spending a ton of time designing and printing the things I love.

I finally had some SUN around here and did a mimi shoot in my bedroom--(has amazing light). So just a quick overview of the different prints that we just finished printing and stitching! You will notice TWO different fabrics. ONE being my standard lovely natural BARKCLOTH that I have been using since the start of my little business and NOW I am using a OATMEAL RECYCLED POLY Twill COTTON that is recycled soda bottles, recycled poly and cotton. ALL woven in the USA just like our original bark cloth. It's super soft, nice heavy weight and has a canvas backing that matches for the back slip covers. We are using a natural darker muslin for the hand screened tag on these. I looked for over a year for a darker USA woven fabric that we could add to the line. I finally found it..I hope you love it as much as I do. Basically for me it warms the pillows up a bit for FALL OR WINTER and or feels more organic or natural. Some people mentioned to me that they felt the natural bark cloth felt seasonal...and I struggled with wanting a ground that was a tad more earthy. SO this for me is the best of both.

AND don't forget to notice our new LETTER PRESSED hang tags. They are super lovely, Mark at Dunstan Press here in Maine did them on chip board just like my cards. IN BLACK of course. I love the utilitarian look and feel of the chip board..and ironically it totally matches the new oatmeal ground.
Thank you for all the support, letters and great feedback on ETSY. I hope you like the new shots...Cheers! e 

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