Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maine Home & Design

Hello all...just wanted to share a little feature from MAINE HOME + DESIGN  I had an idea to dig through all the amazingness on ETSY and find some cool pieces to throw into the mix in MH&D magazine. I pitched it to Susan and Rebecca and they loved the idea so yes--I searched and searched, flipped through thousands of images and found a lot of amazing things! I wanted to show case the eclectic vintage vibe that I am so in love with these days and illustrate how easy it is to find cool vintage pieces at great prices online--especially ETSY

So here is what we ended up with (images below). I was excited to work in a few Erin Flett pillows as well that went with this orange eclecticness...I love the new rounds--might be my favorite thing I have designed ever....

More soon on new pillow shapes and hopefully more great press! 

Thank you Maine Home & Design Magazine...I do love everyone at Maine Mag and MH&D--they are passionate people and believe in Maine and all the amazing people doing insanely wonderful things here. This is why this publication continues to thrive--both of them.  Here is what the blurp said in the little snippet under the ETSY FINDS. Enjoy.

Interior design in my mind is an eclectic journey. A process of finding things that are useful, mindful, and feel good. A collection that grows with you. I love a lot of different styles—antiques, new things, midcentury modern stuff, and everything in between. I am drawn to things that have a story or a past life—things with depth, things that have a soul. This collection is about life, color, and combinations that are cozy and rich with texture. The main pieces feel like I could live with them for a long time. I like to buy some staple items that are going to last, then switch out smaller items like pillows and accessories when I’m ready for a change. I found a lot of what you see here on Etsy, where everything is either handmade or vintage. Like most designers, I love the hunt, and finding pieces that get woven into your home’s tapestry is a fulfilling process. The inspiration for this living space comes from collecting found items and coming up with an eclectic mix. A space for watching TV, hanging out, lounging, reading a book, and a place infused with life and heart. For me, it’s not about matching everything together but creating an organic mixture of new and old, found and repurposed, things that speak to you personally. I think when you buy mindfully and slowly over time it makes for a more authentic space that ultimately feels peaceful. Everything can be new again if we can see past the imperfections—a great metaphor for life, really.

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