Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Happenings Spring Summer 2012

Hello. I love SPRING here in Maine so much it hurts. My gardens are all almost all up and all the green has given everything new life. We spent a few weeks hiring folks to take down old fallen trees--opening up the wooded acre on the right side of our house. (right outside my studio) I will post these. So pretty now that the leaves are out! Takes forever for SPRING to hit Maine but it's insanely peaceful here with all the ferns and trees, lots of froggies in the pond for the kiddos to play with--LOTS of MUD and always enough design work that keeps things humming around here. And some newest FLETT news is that I fell in love with baby bunnies from a local farm stand, and well we ended up with two lop ears mixes that the girls are holding as I write this early Sat morning:) (and side note is that I was ALONE--so yes folks, just says I am a sucker for all things cute and soft and as my mother put it, "a gluten for punishment AKA: Going to be hell maintaining life here as normal when the girls are obsessively holding and loving these two cuties). But all is well so far and Mas brought home the BIGGEST BUNNY CAGE in the planet from a FARM that he is renovating. (a million dollar renovation so not your typical farm ha ha) But killer bunny cage that just needed a little love. These bunnies are going to be PIMPED OUT! )

A few new projects posted. BLANCHE + MIMI's new card and sign--killer home shop in OLD PORT PORTLAND MAINE, a fun wedding package that is all MAINE inspired and a NEW WEBSITE screen shot that is coming out SOON that will be a kick ass shopping site--finally! (been working on designing a new site for almost a year now). I never seem to have the time to really button things up--but the serge of orders in wholesale and just pillow sales in general have made me much more of a believer that I need a site that people can actually see what I do as well as see the massive amount of options we have in textile pillow prints. Frankly I have such a obsession with design--and seem to find inspiration everywhere. Starting to say that my work is "LIFE INSPIRED" because it is this amazing life that inspires me everyday. 

Heading to HIGH POINT NC next Saturday. Exactly one week from today to launch my most exciting news--a new bold and graphic line of WOVEN OUTDOOR FABRICS that has all the erin flett color you can ask for (and smart neutrals to balance them out) + some really simple, imperfect graphic prints that I am so in love with. Attached is a poster that I put together for the lobby of the trade show. Hard to get your head around a huge pic of yourself--Winky Lewis captured this shot in my studio a few months ago. This image will also be in OPRAH in JULY--which is another kick in the pants that I needed to get my new website done! (Mas will be coming with me for this 5 day adventure and I could not be happier). I could not imagine NOT sharing this moment with him. Sadly, the two little ones will be here with my lovely mom and Mimi (maslen's mom). So thankful for them but sad that they will not be with us. (I can just see Ary talking about froggies and bunnies and worms to all who would listen and Breshia being bored out of her mind since she is all of 8 with so much to do ha ha.

Also attached is some pics from a photoshoot for Better Homes & Gardens--I sent Stacy Kunstel (bad ass stylist) some BOLD GEOS in gray and brown as well as my NEW ROUNDS that are selling like hot cakes:) One my stitchers mentioned they were delicious and MADHATTER worthy...I have to find her direct quote. Made me smile. 

Some new work--business card design for Karla Wheaton who I love..and a wedding package that was super fun to do for a mock wedding put together by GENEVE HOFFMAN.

So a busy few months here--OH and before I close, JUNE 1st a new HOME SHOP will open  on COMMERCIAL street along the waterfront. ANNIEBELLS. These women are a crew of chicks with great taste, amazing vision and okay well--completely amazing at putting SERIOUS super LUX home stuff together and making it look spectacular! 

If you remember the POP store last holiday season, well they rented this space and did the RE-DO of the century! You will not even recognize this amazing space with brick arches, amazing high end furnishings, custom home items and YES I am so so excited to say, ERIN FLETT OATMEAL PILLOWS AND some new LARGE ROUNDS that are going to be in a custom NAVY ink ON WHITE BARK CLOTH. The rounds are going to be roughly 16" instead of the 12". We are in the process of printing them today actually. BEYOND excited to show you---and they will have a HUGE erin flett LARGE WALL print hung in the window! BEYOND excited about this one folks! (pictures--lots of them to follow!) YAY! 

Have a great LONG weekend and please be a reflection of love and light. It will come back to you. I promise. e

Geneve Hoffman Mock Wedding Package

Blanche + Mimi Business Card and Sign

coming SOON! e
Outdoor WOVEN fabrics 

BOLD GEOS have a party in the HAMPTONS. BHG shoot

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