Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay everyone, I have been a busy bee picking and choosing what is next for WINTER. Some old and some new, but a peek at the NEW small KIDDO line! I added "BRUISER" the puppy, "PUFF" the kitten, and "FROGGIE" well, you guessed it, the frog:). I also have officially added "ARIA FLORAL", a sunflower collage inspired from the miles of sunflowers and a dear friend which has  been out but not really pushed till this FALL, "ASHLEY PINE" inspired by a MAINE CAMP WEDDING celebrated just recently at a local Sebago Camp here in Maine. And "HANNAH" designed inspired by a another dear friend who asked for a floral to go in her historic home that is amazing and beautiful and was calling out for something in cranberry! Another print that I am playing with is "MATCH BOX" a abstract modern inspired repeat print that is super layered and linear...to compliment the other more modern prints...such as "MOD GEO", "WIND" and "COFFE RINGS". 

Just a little peek--I am producing my WINTER flyer and catalog as we speak and will be updating my website to reflect the newest of the new. Still tweaking colors--I am in love with caramel browns, grays and rich browns, and olive greens for Fall as well as this yummy yellow that I did for Ashley's recent wedding...and the kiddos colors are inspired by B and Ary who insisted the kitten be in purple and the doggie must be red or orange or both, and the frog, well it must be green Ary said, (just turned 3!). So stay tooned!



  1. So cute!! Puff and Froggie are my favorites! :)

  2. Very sweet! Thanks for your comment! Love your shop! e

  3. Hey Erin -

    I love these prints! So nice! My favorite in the animal world is Mr. Bruiser - gotta say. I do love dogs! Will these be printed on pillows