Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maine Women's Fund-Product To Passion

I was honored to be asked to kick off the  Maine Women's Fund, Leadership Series in PASSION TO PRODUCT along side two amazing women. Beth Shissler, one of two women who started SEA BAGS, which turns recycled sails into fashionable bags; and Charlotte Levitt, founder of CHART metalworks, which turns nautical charts embedded in resin into stylish jewelry; and me. I was a good mix in this group of women because I am at the very beginning at developing my name and my own passion and was honored to be among these two amazing women entrepreneurs. The talk was informal and personal and we all talked about our sources of inspirations, challenges of running design companies..I also talked about mommiehood, having a dream, making goals and putting one foot in front of the other. 
I wanted to thank MAINE WOMEN'S FUND for including me and letting me be apart of something I really believe in. This program is about engaging and enriching women at every stage of life, encouraging confident strides, supporting emerging leaders, and creating lasting change that improves our communities and the world for generations to come.
I am in that mode right now figuring how I navigate from here. Launching for the first time my own line and moving is so nuts trying to do what you are really meant to do, but all the years doing design work for other companies is helping me down that road. I am still working doing surface design and have many design clients that are patient with my new crazy schedule, as well as working part time at Maine & MH&D all fits into this amazing package I am calling my life these days.

I have been asked by bloggers what is it that keeps me going and how it works...all I can say about that which could be a book someday I think, HA HA..but honestly, it's about keeping yourself focused on one thing, then another and making a ton of lists...and letting go of things that are not important--only focusing on things you must do and eliminate all the fluff---fluff fluff fluff---

Anyway, I think this is another post for the future. My head is still spinning from all the things on my plate at the moment and I thought yesterday I had an amazing moment where I was in a place of calm, and today a place of insanity. But that is the heart of a designer. It is what keeps it real and keeps me growing. I don't think I will ever figure out the perfect balance but maybe the perfect storm. I love what I am doing, love my babies and husband...who really is my partner in this ever changing story...and of course doing custom designs for clients, and my self. It really does not get better then this...just have to figure out how to keep my house clean in the mist of it all...:) e

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