Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maine The Magazine--Style Feature

I wanted to tell you about Maine. The magazine. Culture, People, Locations, Food, Lodging, Art, Retail. Your Maine source. They were kind enough to ask me to be a part of APRIL's style Q&A...I happily said yes and was able to work with an amazing photographer,

When you walk into the Maine Magazine, it's in the heart of the Portland Maine's Old Port in historic brick building--you go up to the second floor where you see the most dynamic beautiful and very stylish space---it's just beautiful and the people inside are even more beautiful--not only cool to look at but the nicest, down to earth and grounded people I have ever met---they run the business as connected individuals..Susan Kelley and Kevin Thomas...they just don't put together a magazine, they live it and believe that Maine is the most amazing place--and tell this story each month in the Maine Magazine. As  they come together, the two of them with such passion and vision for each spread, each photo and each story---methodically thought out--but open to the translation of amazing photographers like Cig Harvey Fine Art Photography and graphic designers like Jennifer Muller (amazing art director). I think it's powerful when like minded people come together and believe in something and let that drive others to create something bigger---almost becoming a cult following and obsession for people like me living and breathing in Maine.

I am so honored to be asked to do some work for this great pub and can't wait to show it here. I am doing two mailing promos that I think is some of my best graphic design work--because A. I had great copy, B. great images C. a design foundation that I could blend my own design aesthetic into... D. and people that get it--I mean, really get it. So to say I am a big fan of Maine Magazine is a under statement but honestly I just really care about these folks and the vision they have. It's funny how you can meet two people and feel the passion they have for what they do--and see that they are creating a magazine that truly represents us--Mainers. (or me a wanna be Mainer or what they call people from "away"..We are all so multi-faceted and finally we are not just lighthouses and lobsters--were artists, designers, architects, doctors, carpenters, boat builders, fisherman, moms and students....from everywhere...we all are people that live here and appreciate the great design and thought that goes into each magazine. 

Thank you for believing in me, and my own personal journey and thank you for letting me be a part of yours.  xo e


  1. Erin, congrats! Love it, and it's fantastic to see this success and exposure coming your way. I've off to buy buy April copy of Maine Magazine! :-) I feel like a proud mamma! But am truly a proud friend!
    ~ Maggie

  2. Hi Erin, nice to meet you and thanks for the follow!! Congrats on feature, how exciting. Your work is really beautiful. I'm going to have a look around now. Have a wonderful weekend! Wini :)))

  3. Thanks Wini! Hope to hear from you from time to time! I love your blog and will keep checking in to see how you are! All the best and thanks for the writing! e