Sunday, March 14, 2010

RECENT PRESS-Boston Home & Mrs. Lilian

Hello hello! It has been a busy few weeks and orders are coming in pretty steady now..which I am so excited about! If I can just design and print pillows and have people like them I will be one happy designer! Wholesale is so fun...chatting with so many cool people that have fabulous shops all over the place! I want to open my own shop someday but for now I will settle with my etsy shop:) 

Just seems so fun buying cool stuff and putting together amazing collections---I know it's a lot more work then that but I do think it is right up my alley---at least maybe in my far off future. 

I am so excited to write about the little blurp in Boston HOME magazine--they featured Holly Becker, the amazing blogger and one of my little pillows--MR. Nut. Great press and a great write up about some amazing blogs to check out! 

The second mention is Mrs. Lilien  who I found surfing. She is adorable and I believe a wordy genius and an amazing interior and graphic designer. Please check out her link--simply fantastic and charming! She put together SPRING FEVAH! A adorable little snippet of Spring goodies and I love the fact that she uses DAISY THORN right in the center of her lovely composition! Super super sweet! I am now a die hard follower fan! 

I also wanted to point out an amazing designer that I recently found again--who I have heard of but never fully appreciated his genius: REX RAY. NEW LOVE! He is amazing and talented and finding his work on pillows and rugs now! GO REX RAY! So great to see graphic designers transcends into new areas! Love it. His compositions are layered and abstract and have great use of space and color---BIG FAN.. Rex Ray

More Inspiration I found online recently: Wallpaper, fabric, odds and ends:) Love this set of mid century chairs and table--Enjoy. e

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