Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage Flett Finds

My mom and I escaped yesterday for a  few hours to our favorite junking spots and came home with a car full of funky finds!!! (NOT UNUSUAL for us professional junkers:)

Here is a little collection of things I found yesterday. A vintage striped kelly green dress....I just love the shape of this piece. It will need a little work for me to actual wear it but it will be worth it I think---maybe I will wear it over jeans with my frye boots?..I may cut it off a little more--might be way too long? Then I found some cool scarves---my passion. I can't seem to get enough of these little gems...the color palettes are always amazing and great for pulling odd things together for new projects that you wouldn't expect. Plus, I love to wear them---every which way--- And then I was so happy to find a 1937 wallpaper catalog from SEARS! Love love!!! I have been eyeing some of these for months on EBAY and I have never come across one here in Maine yet. Very cool. One thing I love about living here is that everything is so old. I can find the most amazing things in ordinary places because people here seem to keep things around for generations and of course New England is such a old place--not like Europe old but old enough to have a good amount of history---the wallpapers here are extraordinary and bottles---amazing...just don't get that in the midwest...(Colorado) where I am from. 

Anyway, I hope to be working on FALL pillows soon--and these little finds will do the trick getting me started! Enjoy.


  1. Awesome finds! I also LOVE going thrifting with my mom :) Lately, we've managed to go almost every weekend! That Sears Wallpaper book is a real find! I'm sure its packed full of great inspiration.

  2. I too am a professional junkie........i live in maine to know your favorite spots.....i love Cliffs, Glorias and the Brunswick flea market....we hit most of those spots weekly.........

  3. I just found these comments! Okay Rachel you are so right! YES the Sears one is super cool! I will post some of my favs! Thanks for writing..

    Hi Judy! YES CLIFFS is such a great find! I will have to check out Glorias---you should check out the Chicken Coop in Limington--it's my fav and it's on the way to Cornish--another great spot as you probably know! e